• Answer These Big Questions For Legacy Modernization

    23 July 2015

    How do companies deal with requirements to modernize ancient or failing legacy software systems? If you're looking into this type of IT upgrade, take a look at these design questions that often come up when migrating from an old legacy system to a new cloud connected or otherwise improved state-of-the-art IT architecture. What Does Your Legacy System Do? One of the biggest questions is what kinds of functionality the new system will have to preserve for an operating business.

  • Designing A Budget Computer For Efficient Gaming

    10 June 2015

    If you're not an absolute expert at computer design, the idea of a gaming computer may sound like an expensive investment. Unless you're actively participating in tournaments and broadcasting regular videos about games with high graphics, the cost isn't that much beyond the standard retail computer cost. Before buying into the market hype of gaming computer buzzwords and expensive-looking (but mostly cosmetic) cases, keep a few concepts of computer design in mind to buy and install the parts you need.

  • Three Ways That Social Bookmarking Sites Can Help Online Businesses

    30 April 2015

    Social bookmarking sites are filled with interested people searching for numerous topics of content. The online world is now the "go-to" for anyone looking to answer a question they have. Other users may be looking for nuggets of business information when they browse the web. Leveraging the distribution of content on the internet is a very effective way to gain exposure for your online business. For this reason and more, social bookmarking sites are increasingly popular.

  • Examining Tablet Poor Performance

    3 April 2015

    Smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices are still relatively new to the consumer electronics scene. Outside of the old art and architecture tablets, most of the consumer mobile devices aren't even 10 years old yet; the tech world is still figuring out how long they last and how they perform in old age. Whether you're using an old or new phone, there are a few symptoms and troubleshooting concepts that need to be understood before rushing out to get a new device.

  • 4 Tips For Marketing Your Website

    16 February 2015

    If you sell products or services online, you most likely have a website. This is the ideal way to help you get the traffic you need to help grow your business. The key to getting people to land on your webpage is by your online marketing efforts. Knowing effective tips that work to increase your online exposure is critical to the success of your business. Tip #1: Know your Market

  • 4 Tools For Managing Remote Work Teams

    28 January 2015

    Do you have groups of employees that work remotely? Does your entire workforce operate from home? If so, having the right technology is critical for managing that team effectively. While working remotely can certainly offer flexibility, it can also pose serious challenges. When your team works remotely, you miss out on the kind of impromptu, face-to-face communication that can happen in an office. If not managed correctly, a remote team can also lead to a less-than-professional image.

  • Steps You Can Take To Keep Your Home Safe From Theft

    15 January 2015

    There are several steps you can take to decrease chances your house will become a victim of theft. Thieves usually rob homes that do not have restrictions or obstacles in place to make the home hard to get inside. If a thief thinks someone is in the home, they will be less likely to try to rob from it, as well. Here are some precautionary measures you can take to make your home less desirable to thieves, keeping your belongings safe inside where they belong.