Want to Make Your Podcast Stand Out? Try These Simple Tips to Get Noticed

by Sherry Hart

Maybe you have decided you want to start a new career as an online personality, or perhaps you want to start a web series concerning the hobbies you are passionate about. Podcasting is a great way to reach a wide audience and get your message across. In order for your podcast to be a success and stand out, you need to follow a few simple tricks that just might get you noticed.

Find Your Target Audience

If you are brand new to podcasting you might not realize that just because you upload an interesting or fun video online, you will suddenly have tons of people watching. There is so much to watch and listen to online that your podcast could very well get lost. You need to actively search out your audience and know what it is they want to see and hear from you. You can advertise on your own website or on social networking sites and maybe even form relationships with established podcasters to help create your brand and gain an audience.

Have a Niche

Unless you have already worked in the creative field as a writer or filmmaker and understand the need to really focus your content, you might want to create a podcast that is about everything you are interested in. Instead, focus on a certain subject—something you know a lot about or something you really love. Finding a niche is one of the most important aspects of creating a standout podcast. The more popular topics may already be flooded, so if you have a more elusive subject or at least one for which the market isn't saturated, then choose to give your watchers something that will really grab their attention and keep them coming back.

Go Beyond the Latest Headlines

You might wish to create podcasts that talk about the latest celebrity scandals, music releases, or tech advances, but these topics are usually only interesting for the immediate future. Instead, look beyond the latest headlines and broaden your audience's perspectives on your chosen niche. For example, if it's a news item about the latest cell phone to hit the market, then expand on how the technology is different from other existing phones or how the industry may change in five years.

Consider Your Format

When creating your podcast, think about what format you wish for it to take. Will you interview experts in their field? Would you like it to play like a TV newscast or have a more relaxed and welcoming feel? Would you like to have an hour-long show or perhaps split it into shorter videos in which you focus on main points surrounding a topic? In order to not lose an established audience, it's best to stick with a single format with each niche you work in. This will create a sense of continuity for your readers, and they will come to expect a certain pattern from your podcasts.

Keep these tips in mind as you create a podcast and watch your views grow.