Three Ways That Social Bookmarking Sites Can Help Online Businesses

by Sherry Hart

Social bookmarking sites are filled with interested people searching for numerous topics of content. The online world is now the "go-to" for anyone looking to answer a question they have. Other users may be looking for nuggets of business information when they browse the web. Leveraging the distribution of content on the internet is a very effective way to gain exposure for your online business. For this reason and more, social bookmarking sites are increasingly popular. Content is king for these websites and therefore they present a great opportunity for online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Here are three ways that social bookmarking sites can help online businesses:

Generate Traffic

As mentioned before, social bookmarking sites are very popular and that means that they have many users. The chance to generate traffic from one of these sites is incredible if your plan is executed well. A common way to receive traffic is to bookmark your own content when visiting one of these sites. For example, there are many popular photo sites online these days. Often, one of these sites will be an image bookmarking site, like Piccsy, which will allow you to link back to your own page. Keep in mind that you should link to the content of others as well instead of only promoting yourself. That way, you won't be associated with "annoying" or "spammy" content.

Create Good Backlinks

Assuming that you are bookmarking content that has real value, others will want to view it. When this happens, you may start to receive backlinks to your site. The search engines place value on these backlinks, and that means that you could experience a higher position on the results page when a user searches for one of your target SEO keywords.

Help with Content Researching

These sites are designed to present a lot of information for various topics that people can use quickly. If you search for categories that interest you, it could spark a new creative idea that leads to writing quality content for your business.

Social bookmarking sites are a great resource for a person or business who needs quality information to address issues or questions within their market. Incorporating content that is rich with useful information is a great way to get more buzz online. If you leverage the large userbase of these bookmarking sites, you could greatly increase your traffic and capitalize on a new stream of engaged visitors.