Reasons Your Cafe Or Diner Can Benefit From Tablet Menus

by Sherry Hart

Many of the major chain restaurants are moving to tablet menus for their customers. Though a waitress is still used for the initial order, the majority of the order is taken care of through a tablet located on the table with the customers. Though this works well to streamline larger eating establishments, you may be wondering if it would work in your cafe or diner. Here are a few reasons that offering tablet menus would help improve your cafe for your staff and your guests.

Direct Kitchen Connect

One of the benefits of having tablet menus from a company like Digital World International is the ability to connect the order directly with the kitchen. This means you don't have to worry about a staff member that is having a rough night forgetting to drop the order with the kitchen for several minutes or longer. When the order is completed and the wait staff or customer hits okay, it sent directly back so the kitchen can start on the order. This is ideal if you have orders that need to be delivered at the same time or if you have more complicated orders that need to start as soon as possible.

Speech Issues

Some customers have speech issues. This may come from a child that has a speech delay or an adult that is mute, has a had a stroke affecting their speech, or has recently had surgery. The vast majority of tablet menus offer images with each option on the menu. This makes it easier for someone with speech issues to convey what they want for their meal, much like traditional picture menus. It also allows a small child, who may be unable to convey with speech what they want, to pick out their food easily.

Easy Updates

Most of the tablet menus run on the two main operating systems, iOS and Android. For the most part, this makes the software easy to navigate and easy to change. If you have a special of the day, need to change prices, drop things from menus because the kitchen ran out of an item, or any other number of updates that may need to be made to the menu, you can do it easily in the main software. Once the update is made, all of the menus will update including managers' tablets, all of the diners' menu tablets, and the kitchen tablet. This keeps everyone updated and makes it easy to continue to fill the orders throughout the day.

These are just a few of the reasons that your cafe or diner may benefit from tablet menus. Keep in mind, if you are short staffed, the menus can also act as a wait staff member by letting the customer place their order easily and then having a kitchen runner take the food out.