Expecting Parents: Benefits Of Using Wireless Charging Stations

by Sherry Hart

The invention and release of Qi chargers has completely changed the way people charge cell phones. Instead of tethering a plug to your phone, the phones can simply be placed on a charger and removed as needed. If you're expecting a child in the near future, then there are several benefits that come with using these charging stations. The stations are compatible with several types of phones, including Samsung models. Read through these benefits to see how upgrading your charger can make a huge difference as you prepare for your baby's arrival into the world.

Packing for the Hospital

When a water breaks or contractions start, it can be a hectic time. You'll most likely be quick to pull or snatch your phone. If it is attached to a cord, then it can be tough to remove the phone and damage may occur if you're in a rush. It's easy to have a Qi charging station packed in your bag. When your phone is placed on another charging station, you can simply pull it off and place it in your pocket. This will make it a lot easier to head out and ensure that your cell phone is with you.

Quick Images and Video

Capturing memories of the birth and first days of a baby's life is essential for many new parents. A lot of this is typically done using a phone device. Some moments only last for a few seconds. When using a wireless Qi charger, you can simply grab the phone and active the camera in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to move around and get the proper angle as needed. If the phone is connected to a cord, then it can make it a lot harder to get the phone disconnected in time to properly capture the moment.


A number of Qi chargers come with built-in stands that makes it easier to set up your phone and access it while it's charging. When you're in a hospital room or cuddling your newborn, this can make it a lot easier to make contact with family and friends. You can easily operate the phone using one hand and still have it charging at the same time. This is a great way to organize pictures, write posts on social media, and contact family members that want to come and visit you in the hospital. The chargers can easily be set up next to hospital beds or in different areas of the room.

By planning ahead, you can make a wireless charger an essential part of the pregnancy and birthing process. It will help make things a lot easier to organize and plan.