Three Commandments Of Golf Course Marketing

by Sherry Hart

Marketing a golf course can be tough. Read on to discover some of the key strategies and objectives that can help golf course marketers to really up their game and sell a local golf course to an audience.

There can be a lot of competition in this field. Use these handy techniques to make a particular business stand out from the crowd.

Get the Core Information Up Front

In addition to the name and address of the golf course, there is a lot of common information that is unique to the business that you need to give potential customers. You'll need to show rates, but not just a generic set of rates that only applies to all-day golf. You'll need to show half course or full course  rates, week day and weekend rates, and peak season rates. You'll need to present this complex package of information to anyone who's interested in coming and golfing on your course. This can require different kinds of setups, from a carefully laid out and marked up webpage to an Excel spreadsheet attached to an e-mail.

Develop A Readership

Lots of companies are using long-form content to conquer the Web. Make sure you have literature and promotional tours you can post online to get people interested in what you have to offer. This is where you put in effort into creating narratives that capture the beauty of the course when someone steps up onto it on a beautiful spring, summer or autumn day. It's also where you start letting people know about special events and community programs that make your business part of the local landscape.

Innovate in Google Marketing

A golf course, like any other business, has to adapt when Google changes its algorithms and strategies. Think about using a combination of responsible SEO and PPC to deliver visibility for the business. Try using things like rich media and callout extensions to make what appears to web users more sophisticated. This can require learning new skills when it comes to web design -- but that's what the best companies are doing to really differentiate their brands.

These three primary rules can guide online golf course marketing that can help a golf course to not only compete but to dominate in its local community. Make sure you're not ignoring some of the best 21st-century marketing tools that can really have an effect on your bottom line. Consider these three commandments as you go forward developing a web space, touting a local course to golfers and others, and generally enhancing a brand.