3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Company's Mobile Devices

by Sherry Hart

Effective mobility can allow your employees to stay connected 24/7 to work so they can access files to share and use from any location. Not only is this an useful tool for your employees, but it can result in increased productivity and profits for your business.  Here are some tips to ensure you get the most from your company's mobility. 

Incorporate Mobility Management 

Managing all of the devices that your employees use can be a headache. Even with a solid IT department in place, keeping track of files that are shared, apps installed on devices, and ensuring that the proper connections are shared can be difficulty.

There are several tools at your disposal you could rely on to make the job easier for your IT department. For instance, you can use enterprise mobility management software. With the right software, you can enroll mobile devices on your company's network, keep track of resources that are being used, and even remotely wipe devices, if necessary. 

Security Is a Must

A smart business owner fears being hacked. With so many employees having access to work files, it is entirely possible that your network and your business files could be targeted. It is because of this, security is very important. 

You can implement several policies and use various tools to prevent hacking though. For instance, you can set guidelines for strong passwords that all employees have to conform to when accessing company resources. 

If employees are allowed to bring their own devices, you can establish minimum and maximum version guidelines for the various platforms they use to avoid security problems. If a device does not meet the standards outlined, it can be restricted from your company's resources. 

Create Your Own Apps

You can take advantage of the many apps that are available for mobile devices that are designed to work with various corporate systems. However, you can simplify the entire process of accessing company resources for your employees by creating your own apps. 

By creating your own apps, you can ensure that the apps function properly with the internal software that your business uses. This can avoid a number of issues, including incompatibility problems and security issues. The great part is you can make the apps available on both company-issued mobile devices and ones that are provided by the employees. 

There are many other ways you can take advantage of advances in mobility and still keep your company's data safe. Consult with an enterprise mobility management service to find out what steps and services are available to fit your needs.