Why You Need IFTA-Compatible GPS Trackers For Your Fleet Of Trucks

by Sherry Hart

Do you need an efficient way to keep track of your fleet of trucks when your employees are out making deliveries? You might want to consider placing GPS tracking devices that are compatible with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) on your trucks. In this article, learn more about the benefits of investing in GPS trackers that are IFTA-compatible for your trucks.

Reporting Fuel Taxes to the Government Will Be Easier

One of the best features of an IFTA-compatible GPS tracker is that the fuel placed in the trucks by your employees will automatically be tracked. The miles traveled by each of the drivers will also be tracked. The GPS device can work with the fuel cards that you issue to your employees (if applicable), which means each time that a card is swiped; the amount will be stored in a database. You will have to do less calculating when income tax season comes around and will have more accurate results that can help you avoid getting audited.

Monitor How Your Trucks Are Being Used

If there is a limit in place as to how often your employees can use the trucks for personal use, an IFTA-compatible GPS tracker will help you stay on top of their activity. For instance, you will be able to monitor when a truck is started up, as well as how long it sits idle. Monitoring the amount of time that your employees are not driving the trucks can help you catch employees that are suspected of not working productively, such as delivering goods late.

Offer On-Demand Deliveries Customers

An IFTA-compatible GPS tracker will allow you to know where your drivers are at all times in case you need them to make a spur-of-the-moment delivery. You will be able to quickly view the location of your drivers via an online map and choose the one that is closest to your customer to make the delivery. Being able to offer your customers on-demand deliveries can build a good reputation for your business. Your customers will also be satisfied when they receive the on-demand deliveries in a fast manner.

Receive important Alerts for Violations

You can receive alerts via an IFTA-compatible GPS tracker when your drivers are speeding. Being able to apprehend drivers that break traffic rules can help you prevent collisions at the fault of your company that might lead to lawsuits. Invest in IFTA-compatible GPS tracks as soon as you can. Contact a company like GPS Auto Tracker Inc for more information.